Unraveling the Mystery of Effective Email Marketing: Secrets Revealed – Part 3

In Part 1 of Unraveling the Mystery of Effective Email Marketing, I gave you some background information about how I created a profitable email marketing campaign.

In Part 2, I shared a research study that showed the effectiveness of email marketing. And, I listed seven content-driven email tactics I use to generate revenue.

In this, the last installment of Unraveling the Mystery of Effective Email Marketing, you’ll learn three email-marketing secrets

  1. Break it down. If possible, break down your email list into at least two segments…one list should be your current customers/clients and one list should be your prospective customers/clients. It doesn’t matter how many names/emails addresses you have on each list. Prospective customers/clients and existing customers/clients have different needs. Tailor your message to the unique needs of each group.
  2. More is better. The more you blast out your emails, the more likely you’ll increase the number of responses. I can’t give you a magic number of how frequent you should send emails in order to increase sales. Just keep on blasting.
  3. Less is better. What? I’m not contradicting myself at all. Go ahead and write a draft of your email in a Word document. When you’re satisfied that you’ve clearly communicated your message, step away from your computer for an hour or so minutes, have a cup of coffee and then return to your computer. Re-read your email and delete at least half of the copy. Yup, one half. Can you do it? Your reader will appreciate the brevity of your message.

Now it’s time for you to dive into the sea of email marketing. If you get stuck or frustrated, reread the excerpt from the McKinsey Report in Part 1 of Unraveling the Mystery of Email Marketing. Good luck.