How to Destroy a Business Relationship in Three Easy Steps – part 1

You can use the most effective sales techniques in the world and have a superior product or service to offer your customers, but if you don’t watch out for and address the three most common business relationship destroyers, you might as well close up shop. Today, we’re going to be talking about Business Relationship Destroyer #1: Focusing on Negativity.  

Negativity begets negativity.

Take the case of business owners Debbie Downer and Walter Whiner. At one time or another encountered Debbies and Walters in a business situation. Debbie and Walter perceive most customer communication as negative. These two people are lost in the netherworld of negativity. The opposite is also true. Everything (well, almost) that comes out of Debbie’s and Walter’s mouths sounds negative. The negativity can be heard in tone of voice and or in the subtle off-putting messages that are communicated to customers. You can easily ruin a sale and possibly sabotage your reputation by acting like a Debbie or Walter.

It seems like some people’s brains are wired for negativity. For those people, it doesn’t take much to activate their brain’s emergency alert system. When their emergency alert system is activated, their ‘thinking brain’ goes off line and their negative emotions take over.

As a businessperson, you have to recognize what types of situations might trigger an emergency alert response. I am dramatizing the point here but, at some point in time, you’re going to be faced with a situation when you’ll feel reactive in a business situation.

In these types of situations, you don’t have the time or place to meditate or to sit back and take deep breaths. In Critical Connections, you’ll read about what’s going on in your brain and how it relates to being a successful marketer.

Stay tuned for the next episode of How to Destroy a Business Relationship in Three Easy Steps – Destroyer #2: Taking Things Personally.


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