How Did You Hear About Me?

When someone registers online for one of my marketing workshops or signs up for business and marketing coaching, my registration form asks, “How did you hear about me or how did you find out about the workshop?” Many people say they found me on the web or they received an email about my workshop or consulting services. I’ve never been satisfied with that answer.

So, when I meet that person at my workshop or at the time of their initial coaching session, I ask, “Prior to looking on the web or receiving an email, how did you hear about me?”

You’d be surprised at some of the responses I received:

  • “One of your clients told me about you, so I looked you up on the web and registered for the workshop.”
  • “I heard you speak at a conference.”
  • “I met you at a networking event.”
  • “A colleague told me about your marketing book”*

If the person initially said they received an email, I ask, “Do you remember who sent you that email?” I know it sounds like common sense, but it seems like word-of-mouth is a major marketing tactic when it comes to attending a workshop or seeking coaching help. That’s telling me to forge ahead by attending networking events and conferences. It’s telling me to submit proposals for workshops seminars.

What does this mean for you?

1: Think carefully about how you word the “How did you hear about us’ part of your online registration or order form. You might consider building in a drop down menu so customers can indicate exactly how they heard about you. Don’t get to detailed. Be careful, you want the person to move seamlessly through the registration process and not get hung up on this step.

2. When you meet your customer/client in person or live, always ask follow up questions about how they heard about you.

3. Keep track of where your business comes from. This is common sense but you’d be surprised about how many small business owners and providers of personal and professional services don’t have a basic database of customers and prospects.

If you have an effective way to capture “How did you find out about me?” data, then you are one-step ahead of the marketing game.


 * Critical Connections-The Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Your Business Through Referral Marketing

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