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Working with Creative Professionals – Part 1

Working with Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and Web Developers: An Interview with Alizah Epstein Part 1 I interviewed Alizah Epstein, Chief Creative Officer at Epstein Creative for this Q & A. Epstein Creative is a full-service graphic and website design studio that provides a full range of professional creative and marketing services. Alizah and I discussed […]

PowerPoint – What’s the Point? Part 1

According to my son Max, “Death by PowerPoint is painful”. As a marketing major in college, Max sat through countless hours of Powerpoint presentations in his classes. He would complain and say, “Just give me the notes”. There might come a time when you’ll be asked to give a talk on a topic of interest […]

Leepson’s Rules of Marketing Professional Services

Who said Old School marketing strategies aren’t effective in promoting professional services? Who said New School marketing strategies should replace Old School marketing strategies? I sure didn’t say that and I’m definitely not a marketing Luddite. The Urban Dictionary defines a Luddite as “one who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with […]

A Revisionist History of Branding – Part 2

Personal branding is a combination of marketing and promotional activities you do to influence how others see you. In my previous post, I wrote about the history of branding from a cattle rancher’s perspective. Here’s an example of how one woman used a combination of marketing activities to influence how others see her. Rose is […]

Hashtags-at-a-Glance: An Interview with Gabe Seiden

Time for a Quick Quiz: True or False: A hashtag (#) is an illegal drug. If you answered True, then you better read the following. If you answered False, you should still read the next 587 words. I talked to Gabe Seiden from Connect4Consulting about the world of hashtags. I wanted to give information to […]

A Revisionist History of Branding – Part 1

It started out in the old west. Pioneers were settling the land. Cattle ranches started popping all over the landscape.  In those days, beef was in high demand. Ranchers knew that raising cows was a great way to make a living. As a result, many ranchers grew big herds of cattle (did you know that […]