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Why I Hate Jargon in 69 Words

I couldn’t have said it better. So, I won’t. “This matter of language is important. Professional jargon–on Wall Street, in humanities departments, in government offices-can be a fence raised to keep out the uninitiated and permit those within it to persist in the belief that what they do is too hard, too complex, to be […]

Here Comes the Jargon Police

PLEASE NOTE In order to make the most out of reading this post, you’ll want to download  and print it. Why? I’ve included a fun exercise for you, so you’ll want to write down your answers. Sometimes, I take on the role of a Jargon Police Officer. In this formidable position, I monitor my client’s and […]

Essential Elements of an Awesome Website

I encourage all of you who are promoting a service or product to keep current on the latest trends in building and transforming your website. Let’s hear from Gabe Seiden at Connect4 Consulting about making sure you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s when it comes to building your website.Your website is often the first interaction […]

Failure in Not an Option

What is holding you back from creating and executing your marketing activities in a timely way? You’d be surprised. Below, I’ve listed six challenges that might derail your marketing efforts. Where did I get this? I’ve experienced all of these challenges one time or another during my career as a marketing professional. I’m not suggesting […]

Networking Tips for Introverts

You have been repeatedly told by colleagues and have read about the benefits and importance of attending networking events. “It’s what you do as a business person.” “It’s where your customers and referral sources are.” Does this sound familiar? So, you say to yourself, “This is something I must do. It’s is all well and […]

Are You Getting Sucked Into The Social Media Vortex?

Recently, I was conducted a marketing workshop for small business owners. When it came time to discuss how to use traditional marketing tools and tactics, something happened in the workshop that caught me off guard. One of the workshop participants blurted out that he just heard about a cool, new app. Emphasis on ‘cool’. To […]

Working With Creative Professionals – Part 2

Working with Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and Web Developers: An Interview with Alizah Epstein Part 2 I interviewed Alizah Epstein, Chief Creative Officer at Epstein Creative for this Q & A. Epstein Creative is a full-service graphic and website design studio that provides a full range of professional creative and marketing services. Alizah and I discussed […]