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Daily Bits of What?

Interview with Niklas Laninge As a marketing consultant, published author, workshop presenter, and business advisor, I’ve been challenged to teach business concepts and processes in a concise and concrete manner. I thought I had it right. Just as I was feeling confident, Niklas Laninge from DailyBitsOf contacted me. He asked me if I’d like to […]

Fight Your Challenges With Your Strengths

Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure of our strength of character.” Les Brown Let’s talk about your strengths that help you reach your business goals, and challenges that might prevent you from becoming successful. When participants explore their strengths
 and confront their challenges in my marketing workshops, they feel better equipped to […]

How to Prevent Marketing Paralysis – Final Chapter

Help Is On The Way If you’ve been suffering from the pain and anguish of marketing paralysis, don’t worry. You can get immediate and long-term relief by doing the following: Phone a Friend. It’s a good idea to talk things over with a friend and get some advice. You might want to discuss a new […]

How to Prevent Marketing Paralysis – Chapter 5

Here is another symptom of marketing paralysis. Boiling the ocean: When clients come to me for help, I ask what they’ve done and what they are planning to do to promote their business. I’ll usually hear something like: “I’m working on my website. I just started Tweeting. I’m blogging. I’m planning to speak at an upcoming […]

How to Prevent Marketing Paralysis – Chapter 4

Last time we discussed one symptom of marketing paralysis: the glazed over look. Now, we’ll discuss two more symptoms: going down the rabbit hole and second-guessing/overthinking.  According to the English Oxford Dictionary, ‘going down the rabbit hole’ refers to “a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to […]

How To Prevent Marketing Paralysis – Chapter 3

Signs and Symptoms Now you are familiar with the three causes of marketing paralysis (using the wrong model of marketing, getting unhelpful or misguided advice, and information overload). We now move from causes of marketing paralysis to a discussion of the signs and symptoms of marketing paralysis. One debilitating symptom is the glazed-over look in […]

How To Prevent Marketing Paralysis – Chapter 1

This is a six-part series called Preventing Marketing Paralysis. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up or are already in business, the practical tools and tactics you’ll learn will be of value to you. We’ll discuss the causes, signs and symptoms of marketing paralysis. And, most important, you’ll be given practical tips and suggestions to […]