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Tell Me a Story

Please, Tell Me a Story “Death by PowerPoint is painful.” Max Zaklow-Leepson In the past, I’ve written about the pros and cons of using PowerPoint to present information. Part 1  PowerPoint: What’s the Point? Part 2 is PowerPoint: Making the Most Out of Your Presentations   Instead of pontificating about why PowerPoint is fraught with misleading […]

Where Did Your Customers Go?

Marketing researchers have obsessed over how to make customers become loyal customers.  Large corporations have devised elaborate customer loyalty programs. But things are changing, quickly. Nowadays, customer loyalty is slipping through the fingers of corporations. I sifted through several market research studies on loyalty and brand loyalty. I concluded that when it comes to keeping […]

Is Your Web Content Compelling?

Feature-Oriented Content Back in the day (when exactly was that)? advertisers would go to great lengths to tout the features of their product or service. Their goal was to convince you that the quality of their product or service was superior. Think of how excited you got when you read the product’s promotional literature. It […]

What’s The Difference Between an Elevator Speech and a Power Message?

Today I’m going to discuss power messages and elevator speeches. The topic of topic of elevator speeches is covered in my post called Does Your Elevator Speech Stop at the Right Floor? If you’re self-employed and your business relies on referrals from colleagues or others, you’ll want to have an elevator speech and power message. […]