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The Perfect Way to Spend Time in a World of Social-Distancing

Let’s face it, you’re worn out playing CandyLand, piecing together jigsaw puzzles, and gorging on YouTube cooking shows. You’re tired of adhering to the one-sheet toilet paper protocol. Here’s the antidote to your social-distancing problem: Hire your teenaged niece and nephew to build, fix or redesign your website. If you somehow manage to get them […]

What’s The Difference Between Transactional and Relationship Marketing?

What’s The Difference Between Transactional and Relational Marketing? Let’s say you’re creating a marketing plan to sell garden hoses. Your marketing strategies and sales tactics are straightforward transactions. When you sell a product, your customer shops for price and options- length, thickness, type of material, etc. There is little or no emotional involvement in the […]

Giving Advice vs. Listening

Food For Thought: People love to give advice. When someone gives you advice, the advice they give is most likely about what they need rather than what you need. Recently, I sent a secure email to my doctor’s office asking for a call back so I could discuss the details about whether I need to […]

Social Media: Where Do I Begin?

I’m interviewing Alizah Epstein from Epsteincreative.com in Rockville, Maryland. Alizah and her team of marketers, graphic designers, and web developers work with their clients to communicate their messages, capabilities, and brands—online, on paper, or in person. I asked Alizah about what someone needs to know when they are thinking about using social media to build […]

Tell Me a Story

Please, Tell Me a Story “Death by PowerPoint is painful.” Max Zaklow-Leepson In the past, I’ve written about the pros and cons of using PowerPoint to present information. Part 1  PowerPoint: What’s the Point? Part 2 is PowerPoint: Making the Most Out of Your Presentations   Instead of pontificating about why PowerPoint is fraught with misleading […]