Working With Creative Professionals – Part 2

Working with Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and Web Developers: An Interview with Alizah Epstein Part 2

I interviewed Alizah Epstein, Chief Creative Officer at Epstein Creative for this Q & A. Epstein Creative is a full-service graphic and website design studio that provides a full range of professional creative and marketing services. Alizah and I discussed what you should know before hiring a creative professional to help you promote your business.

Question: Do I need a written contract?

Answer: Unequivocally yes. A written contract protects you and your creative professional from any misunderstanding. A good contract should include: a detailed description of the scope of work, the number of revisions, a delineation of the exact deliverables, wording about the assignment of your logo to you, and a timeline for deliverables. The contract should state the hourly fee and other possible costs such as photography, web development costs, etc., and payment terms. If you want to see sample contracts and Work Agreements, search the web. I’ve seen one-page contracts and I’ve seen 10-page contracts.

My client, a home inspector, wanted help building a website. He had a cousin who designed websites. When I looked at the cousin’s portfolio, all of his websites were built for e-commerce transactions – automotive parts, specialty foods, and custom furniture. This was not a good fit. —EL

Question: What do you think of a graphic designer who also writes copy?

Answer: Look at the designer’s portfolio and see if what they wrote is compelling. Ask the designer what they like to do best, write, or design.

Question: Should I work with an individual freelancer, a design firm, or advertising agency?

Answer: This depends on the scope of your project and your budget. Generally speaking, freelancers work alone and not with a team. Graphic designers can refer you to freelance copywriters and web developers. A full service firm can meet most of your design needs but using one will cost more than freelancers.

Question: Should I build my own website?

There are do-it-yourself website building software programs such as Squarespace. The question you have to answer: “Is building my website the best use of my time?” Even though the technology is easy to use, you might get caught in tweaking and tweaking the site. You might consider hiring a web developer to build just a basic layout and navigation tabs.

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