Unraveling the Mystery of Effective Email Marketing – Part 1

This is the first thrilling episode of a story about my experience using email to generate sales (or in my case, generating clients). I’m going to present the facts and of course, throw in my opinions.

My message to you is: mail marketing works

The goal of my email campaign was to sell my one-on-one business advising and marketing services.


  • I used a list of participants who, over the past two years, attended my Marketing Professional & Personal Services Workshops
  • I started with 124 names and increased list to 169 names over two years.
  • I sent 13 emails to these participants over a 2 year period
  • I changed the body copy and headline (SUBJECT) for each email

You might think that 169 names is a tiny number of potential customers/clients. Remember, all of these people attended my workshop and knew me. I also have segmented lists of other types of potential clients (for example, purchasers of my self-help book Critical Connections – a Step-by-Step Guide to Transform Your Business Through Referral Marketing).

Every month for one year after attending the workshop, participants received an email from me called Marketing Tip of the Month. These emails contained tips, tactics, and ideas. At the bottom of every email, I would say, in one brief sentence that I was available for one-on-one coaching.

Quick history lesson: In the days before the Internet and social media, personal and professional service providers and small business owners never gave anything away. The customer had to pay for anything tangible you gave them. This practice did not include time spent in a selling mode. Seasoned professionals told me, “My time is valuable, and I am the subject matter expert. I’m not giving anything away”.

There was one caveat. If you published or were quoted in a newspaper or magazine article, clip the article and send it to everyone. If you came across a news article of interest to your customers, do the same. This was not seen as giving something away. It was another way to stay connected to your customers.

Nowadays, we’re seeing a shift from ‘don’t give it away’ to you gotta give stuff (content) away.

Back to today: Approximately every two weeks I sent emails to the all of the participants. Within a week of sending out the emails, I’d get at least one response. All of these responses converted into paying clients. 13 emails – thirteen new clients over a one year period.

How did I do it?

Watch for Part 2 of Unraveling the Mystery of Effective Email Marketing.